About Us

Tektas Engineering was established in 1981 under name of Tektaş Engineering an Consultancy. Later on in 2005 it was changed to Tektaş Engineering an Consultancy Construction Industry & Trading Co. Ltd. and ran under this name. Since 2013 it has been running under Tektas Group of Companies.

With over 30 years of engineering knowledge, we serve with project based engineering solutions and applications. With the experience gathered from past and following technological developments in the industry, we take place with our specialist staff in unique projects within national and international arena. Tektas Engineering is the first and only member of ECCE (European Council of Civil Engineers) in Turkey.

Tektas Engineering is a nationwide authorized company for Urban Transformation and licensed by Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning. It gives urban transformation consultancy regulated by the law no 6306, Transformation of Regions Under Risk of Disaster.